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  • Valves Hardware

  • Machinery Parts

  • Architectural Hardware

  • Ring Jewelry

  • Hand-decorated pieces of hardware

  • Power Tools Hardware

  • Life Appliances Hardware

  • Bathroom Hardware


01 quality service team

The company has a large number of years of stainless steel / pure silica sol dewaxing precision casting / precision casting / metal molds and product production industry engineering and technical personnel and management personnel are responsible for all product design and production quality of the period and customer service

02 hardware equipment is strong

The company has a different number of dual-bit die head wax machine / shell mold machine / shaping machine / processing forging machine / sintering furnace / Germany Q6 direct reading spectrometer / surface polishing drawing equipment / machining equipment and quality control, Of the hardware precision casting equipment.

03 Excellent technical skills

The company produced a variety of precision metal products size specifications complete variety of diverse, according to customer demand for product design, providing a one-stop service, over the years with many well-known long-term stable cooperation.

04 strict quality supervision

Enterprises over the years to serve the front-line brand customers, has established a set of perfect quality supervision process, from receiving orders to delivery, the whole process of rigorous fine.

05 focus on serving the customer's corporate culture

Company to "customer first, quality first, full participation, continuous improvement," the corporate culture of customer service and construction team to "pioneering, innovation, unity, dedication," the spirit of enterprise building customer satisfaction.

Dongguan Gaogang Hardware Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012, is located in Changan Town, Dongguan City sand community convenient transportation and beautiful environment of the industrial city, plant a total area of 4700 square meters of modern workshop, the existing staff of more than and 150 people, management staff of more than and 10 people, 5 engineering and technical personnel. With wax, shell mold making, casting, processing 5 production workshop forging molding, set the most advanced precision casting production equipment, surface polishing and wiredrawing equipment, machining equipment and quality control testing equipment.


Our company has many years of precision manufacturing technology, with the German Q6 spectrometer for material control, the main production: stainless steel; high, medium and low carbon steel; high, medium and low carbon alloy steel castings such as hardware building hardware, hardware appliances, hardware equipment and spare parts, electric tools hardware...MORME